Does the global epidemic of Corona destroy Trump's dreams? rADIO CYWAR

Does the global epidemic of Corona destroy Trump's dreams? The American president, who came to power based on the mobilization of American populism with America’s narrative over the world in the prosperity of money and business, clashes with the fact that the United States is in the same boat that threatens the world with grave dangers and trumps Trump’s populist delusions in the head. What threatens Trump's dreams in the first place is the repercussions of the epidemic on the American economy In response to the US President's allegations that he is protecting America from the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, The Washington Post reveals that some countries are succeeding in combating the spread of the epidemic, not America among them, in reference to the efforts of China and Iran to reduce the spread. The newspaper attributes the reason to Trump "looking at everything from his narcissistic perspective," and the truth is much more. He looks at all the dangers that threaten the nature of the universe and humankind from the point of view of money acquisition and from the perspective of the superiority of the white race that he fancies is protected from natural and cosmic risks. On these mythical illusions that he promoted in the depths of populist America, he built transient surface glories that would soon reveal the real global risks, and threaten the collapse of the American economy, which Trump relied on investing again in his re-election. Before the Corona epidemic, Trump exposed his perspective in his view of the planet's warming scourge and the consequences of climate change, with his belief that he would fight what he called "the prophets of banshee" who call for respecting nature's balances in reducing obscene consumption and carbon emissions. In this context, it was not surprising that Trump believed that he could not be infected and refused to conduct a medical examination after meeting with the Brazilian Minister of Communications with the disease. In his televised speech after the US states fidget with the spread of Corona, Trump restored that America was protected based on his view of the ethnic and religious identity of the disease and his accusation of China and Iran. In this view, he tried to score political gains against Iran in his offer of "help" to denote America's medical immunity versus Iran, whose doctors imagine less inferior to others while imposing sanctions on them to reduce the effectiveness of their capabilities. But the uproar that erupted in America against Trump's recklessness in his view of deeper dangers from ethnic and religious affiliation and skin color, forced him to retreat in declaring a state of emergency and allocate fifty billion dollars in the hope of confronting the outbreak and had to praise the Chinese efforts and did not recognize the Iranian efforts that it commends Global health. But Trump's retreat in front of some facts does not suggest changing his perspective, which threatens to eradicate his dreams in the face of interactive facts that are heading towards a comprehensive economic collapse estimated by experts at 5-10 times the collapse of the 2008 mortgage crisis. The American president, who deviates from the world’s presidents and likeness of the twins, the British Prime Minister, in looking at the spread of the epidemic, is still counting on money to save himself from the aggravation of threats and dangers. The president of the Institute of Infectious Diseases in America, Anthony Fossey, expects about two and a half million to become infected in the coming weeks. With central expectations, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser declares a state of emergency, the governor of Ohio knocks on public mobilization, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares his states a disaster. But along with state and provincial governors, medical teams conclude that Corona reveals the failure of the American healthcare system that is expected to plunge into complete confusion in the coming weeks. In this matter, "American Newsweek magazine" explains that American hospitals suffer from a severe shortage of medical staff and beds compared to the medical capabilities in China and Italy. Despite this, Trump is careful not to perform the necessary tests if the person does not show clear symptoms, unlike China, Iran and Singapore, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

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